Haida Picture Appreciation | February

The Light After The End

I captured this impressive sunset from a cinder cone in the Kamchatka peninsula, in Far East Russia. The cone was created by the eruption of Tolbachik volcano in 1975-1976 and in this picture is visible the petrified lava flow leading to the sun descending to the horizon.

1.6s | f16 | ISO 100

Hasselblad X1D II and XCD 30 (24 mm in full frame )

Haida NanoPro CPL

In Korea, we meet amazing landscapes, especially in winter. We can see very beautiful, cute, cozy sights. When you take a winter picture, you can find a special subject, like Santa Claus with colorful bokeh. This Santa Claus lives in Gyeongju so you can have a lovely time with him there. And you always have a lovely time for the Christmas season with lovely photos in Gyeongju. As you know, Gyeongju is one of the majestic historical cities in Korea. How is amazing you can experience the Christmas mood there? You must be there when you come to Korea.

Nikon Z6

122mm | f2.8 | 1/250s | ISO 640

Haida M10 Filter Holder + Drop-in Clear-Night Filter


The picture was taken at the great Geisleralm in beautiful South Tyrol and there was a fantastic sunset to see. I went extra close to the small puddle to make it bigger than it actually is and to better absorb the reflection. Fortunately for me, the clouds turned pink-red and it was magical. I used the Haida Nano pro filter with a CPL filter to get better colors in the sky and a 0.9 soft gradient filter. the hike there was really exhausting but worthwhile and I would go there again at any time. the Kaiserschmarren on the hut was great.

1/250s | f4 | ISO 100

Haida M10 Filter Holder + Drop-in CPL
Haida Red-Diamond Soft GND 0.9 Filter

Winter” in Santa Cruz
5 years in the Bay Area and this is the first and only time I have shot this arch. After a last-minute decision to chase the sunset, I made a mad dash to Santa Cruz reaching the spot with only 10mins to spare.
I spent as little time as possible setting up a composition, shot for the next 45 mins trying to find the perfect waves and light in the scene. And this is the end result. It’s a combination of 7 exposures in total, 1 for the sky and 1 for the foreground, and the rest for different parts of water.Sony A7riii
Tamron 17-28mm f2.8

Haida Red-Diamond ND 1.8 Filter

I took this photo in Papudo, a small town on the central coast of Chile. At the end of Papudo beach, there are a series of rocks with vast plant biodiversity, so I went to explore to decide where I was going to wait for the sunset. Upon finding this place, I noticed that the rocks and stones could be arranged in a way to generate an attractive composition. In addition, the water could flow profusely between the rocks generating more dynamism, but in a subtle way, in order to show the movement of the water and not lose texture. For this, I decided to do a semi-long exposure, of less than a second.
I used my Canon 5D Mark IV and the Tamron 15-30mm g2 with the M15 system holder and the CPL filter, to avoid the reflection of the light on the water and to reduce the glare on the rocks.
I took two shots, one for the foreground – middle plane: 15mm, f / 9, 1/2 seconds, iso 100, and another for the sky with the Sunstar: 15mm, f/22, 1/25 seconds, iso 100.

15mm | 1/2s | f9 | ISO 100
15mm | 1/25s | f22 | ISO 100

Canon 5D Mark IV
Tamron 15-30mm g2

Haida M15 Filter Holder System
Haida M15 Magnetic CPL


This bridge needs no introduction. They said it’s the most photographed bridge in the world.

This image was taken after a rainy night. My original plan was to look for puddles & shot some reflection by the pier. But I noticed the low & calm tide hitting the break wall. Decided to move to the break wall & catch those smooth water flow. I used my M10 drop-in CPL filter, stacked with NanoPro MC Soft Edge 0.9 3-stop ND grad filter. With some perfect timing, the shot came out the way I wanted.

16mm I 2 seconds I F5.6 I ISO 50

Sony A7RIV
Sony 16-35mm F2.8 G Master

Haida M10 Filter Holder + Drop-in CPL
Haida NanoPro Soft GND 0.9 Filter

febrero 3, 2021

Soluciones de filtros y portafiltros para el Nikon Z 14-24mm F2.8 S

Disponemos de 4 opciones de filtros y portafiltros para el Nikon Nikkor Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S

Screw-in System : Haida NanoPro Clear ,CPL,ND1.8,ND3.0 Filter
Haida NanoPro Clear Filter , 112mm
Haida NanoPro C-POL Filter , 112mm
Haida NanoPro ND0.9 (8x) Filter, 112mm
Haida NanoPro ND1.8 (64x) Filter, 112mm
Haida NanoPro ND3.0 (1000x) Filter, 112mm

K9 Optical Glass Construction
NanoPro coating on both sides
not affect overall image quality
prevent internal ghosting and reflections

M10 Adapter ring for Nikon Nikkor Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S Lens
Dedicated for Nikon Nikkor Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S Lens
For M10 Filter Holder
Aluminum Alloy Construction

Haida Rear Lens ND Filter Kit for Nikon Nikkor Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S Lens
Weight: 1 g / Filter, 1.93g / Adapter Ring, Total 5.93g
Material: K9 Optical Glass
Stops: ND0.9,ND1.2,ND1.8,ND3.0
Coating: Nano-Coating
Light-weight/Small, Travel-Friendly Size
High Definition
No Color-Cast
No Leakage
No Vignetting
Water-Proof Coating

M15 Adapter ring for Nikon Nikkor Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S Lens
Fits Nikkor Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S Lens
For M15 Filter Holder
easily accomplishment
Aluminum Alloy Construction


enero 21, 2021

Anilla portafiltros M15 para el objetivo Laowa 15mm f/4.5 W-Dreamer

  • Anilla exclusiva para el Laowa 15mm F4.5
  • Aluminio de aviación, excelente comportamiento mecánico y propiedades
  • Instale hasta 3 filtros sin viñateado
  • Portafiltros con capacidad de rotación de 360º
  • Instalación fácil, ligero y fácil de transportar

Este portafiltros M15 está diseñado para usarse con el objetivo Laowa 15 mm f / 4.5 Zero-D Shift. Eso permite el uso de hasta dos filtros de 150 mm de ancho y 2 mm de espesor conjuntamente con un filtro magnético Haida M15.

Esta disponible en:

Kit formado por la arandela y el portafiltros M15

Arandela especifica

Los filtros magnéticos para el sistema M15 van montados dentro de un anillo de aleación de aluminio sin rosca,  solo pueden usarse en este sistema de portafiltros ya que están específicamente diseñados y se sitúan dentro del portafiltros. Permite además su movimiento desde el exterior de forma efectiva, básicamente lo que son los polarizadores. De esta manera podemos realizar un ajuste preciso sin interferir en los otros filtros.


enero 4, 2021

Haida Picture Appreciation | January


This was just an amazing Sunset at Wilson’s Promontory, looking towards Norman Island from Whiskey Bay with the bank of clouds turning from bright orange to a deep pink and then light blue over the course of 30 minutes. The light from the clouds was also then reflecting on to the rocks and the entire scene above-it was quite a sight!

Haida Red-Diamond ND 0.9 Filter
Haida Red-Diamond Soft GND 0.9 Filter

Hello photo fans, it’s really amazing how fast this area changes its face. The new jewel of the area around the Oberbaum Bridge is the Cuvry Campus, which you can see on the left of the whole photo.
To get some clearer reflections and a soft dynamic effect in the clouds I needed to shoot a long exposure of 234,0 seconds. The longer the time, the softer the clouds and the water.

19mm | 234s | f13 | ISO 50

Haida M10 Holder System
Haida M10 Drop-in ND 3.0 Filter
Haida Red-Diamond Soft GND 0.9 Filter

Summer Dreams

I took this image last summer in Spain.
This bay in Asturias is very special due to its shell shape. The water is turquoise and white foaming, surrounded by high cliffs and a breathtaking landscape. I combined Haida ND 4.5 and ND 1.8 filters, in order to be able to expose longer while having the sun in the frame, without getting directly overexposing areas.

Multiple exposure long exposures for full dynamic range.
Taken with Nikon D780 and 14-24 and Haida Filter ND 4.5 and 1.8 combined.

Landscape and sun part in the sky: 1/80s, f/11, ISO 100

Water and sky: ND 4.5, ND 1.8, ISO 400, 240s, f/11

Water and sky second exposure: ND 4.5, 120s, f/11, ISO 400

This image is taken at WeAreRAWPhotography, all day Mornington Peninsula photo tour with our highly enthusiastic students from our mentor program. The sky looked not very promising for the highlight of the day – sunset shooting with Haida Filter. But then in a split of a second when the sun dropped behind the horizon some amazing light appeared with colors out of this world.
I love to teach and transfer my knowledge I gathered during the years. And as a reward my students reminding me about my early start with long exposure photography. So excited to see the results and just one more click please … 8 minutes later.
And still today I am like my students, take one more!

18mm | 32ms | f16 | ISO 100

Haida M10 Filter Holder
Haida M10 Drop-in CPL
Haida Red-Diamond ND 1.8 Filter
Haida Red-Diamond Soft GND 0.9 Filter

Malaysia has some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Gem Island, Terengganu located on the east coast of Malaysia, as the name suggests, is truly a gem.
One could photograph sunrise and sunset in a single location. I spotted this unique location near the hotel, where the sun would rise just behind the little hill.
I reckoned it will be nice to try out the Haida Red Diamond .6 GND filter, the Haida Polarizing filter, and the Big stopper as well. I stacked all of them together effortlessly.
To my delight, the exposure came out very well, with virtually no color cast, and the highlights were not burnt out.

70s | f16 | ISO 100

Haida M10 Holder System
Haida M10 Drop-in CPL
Haida Red-Diamond ND 0.6 Filter
Haida Red-Diamond ND 3.0 Filter

Every person experiences ups and downs in his life. I think this is a situation out of human control. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you don’t get what you want. One cannot know exactly what will be better for him. In fact, the story of this perfect photograph or the story of all perfect photographs is very similar to the conditions in human life. There have been many times I went to very wonderful places and returned without taking a proper photo because the weather conditions were not favorable. But this time everything was perfect for photography and I did not miss this opportunity. This is a situation that we do not have. Conditions are not always perfect. Sometimes everything goes well, but sometimes everything goes bad. The important thing is to be able to stand upright in all conditions.

14mm | 180s | f8 | ISO 100

Haida M15 Holder System
Haida M15 Magnetic ND 4.5 Filter
Haida Red-Diamond Medium ND 0.9 Filter

enero 3, 2021


Los días 11, 12 y 13 de Diciembre de 2020, podrás asistir a una jornada fotográfica en la costa gallega.

Este curso además de acercarnos a ubicaciones icónicas de la costa gallega, nos permitirá conocer o profundizar algunos de los aspectos técnicos y creativos que comprende la fotografía de paisaje.

Hemos programado la actividad teniendo en cuenta las condiciones que se presentan para este día en cuanto a mareas y posición solar se refiere.

Con nosotros podrás aprender técnicas de composición, enfoque, calibrado de cámara in-situ en función de las condiciones existentes. Veremos en profundidad el uso de diferentes tipos de filtros que nos permitirán salvar cualquier situación lumínica que se nos presente, teniendo incluso la oportunidad de probarlos en caso de no disponer de ellos.

Las plazas están limitadas a un máximo de 10 alumnos, siendo una enseñanza y atención totalmente personalizada (5 alumnos por profesor).

Creemos que reduciendo la cantidad de participantes, maximizamos la calidad de la enseñanza.


-Viernes 11 de noviembre, nos reuniremos a lo largo de la tarde noche en el punto que os enviemos a través de correo electrónico o el grupo de WhatsApp creado para la actividad.

-Sábado 12 de noviembre, bien temprano saldremos de hotel para estar con suficiente antelación en la playa elegida (Esteiro, Augasantas, Os Castros o Catedrales) para realizar el amanecer. Si las condiciones meteorológicas lo permiten , antes de la comida, acudiremos a alguna ubicación próxima en la que podamos realizar algunas fotografías de larga exposición diurna y utilizar otras técnicas avanzadas para las condiciones de luz que se nos presenten. Tras la comida nos dirigiremos a la playa escogida para el atardecer y permaneceremos en ella hasta que las condiciones lumínicas nos lo permitan.

Domingo 13 de diciembre, al igual que la anterior jornada madrugaremos lo necesario para para capturar las primeras luces del día y seguir trabajando los diferentes aspectos técnicos y creativos. Tras finalizar la sesión del amanecer, acudiremos a alguna ubicación próxima donde seguiremos trabajando hasta las 13:00 h , momento en el que daremos por finalizada la actividad.



– Cámara, trípode, disparador, filtros (si se dispone), ropa de montaña y luz frontal.

PRECIO:   260€*

*El precio incluye únicamente la formación.

Hemos negociado con un hotel próximo a las localizaciones que nos oferta la habitación individual a un precio asequible para la zona en la que nos encontraremos. Consultar otras opciones.

Además entregaremos unos EPIS a todos los alumnos para protegernos del COVID-19.El precio no incluye vuelos ni traslados al lugar de recepción del curso.


Para más información puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo en


diciembre 2, 2020

Taller delta de l’Ebre

Paisajes de calma y serenidad en el Delta del Ebro.

Estos días he disfrutado mucho llevando a cabo un taller de fotografía de paisaje y filtros, acompañado de un grupo magnífico de fotógraf@s. Han sido unos días intensos y muy divertidos, en los que todos los elementos han ido a nuestro favor y hemos sabido aprovecharlo al máximo.

Valoro muchísimo poder seguir compartiendo momentos y experiencias cómo esta en un momento tan complicado como el actual. Sin duda son estos pequeños empujones los que necesitamos para seguir adelante con nuestros proyectos y sueños.

Agradecer a @haidafilter y a @microgamma.fotografia por dejarnos probar sus filtros en este taller.

Algunas fotografías

diciembre 1, 2020

Novedades Haida diciembre 2020

Acaban de llegarnos un gran numero de novedades de los filtros Haida:

el clear night extended, polarizadores de 105mm, el primer ND insertable para el Samyang 14mm, las primeras unidades del polarizador NanoPro de 100x100mm, las nuevas fundas para proteger objetivos y equipos y algunos ejemplares del primer libro de fotos de Haida.

noviembre 26, 2020

Ofertas Haida

noviembre 25, 2020

Portafiltros Haida M10 100mm vs portafiltros Haida M15 150mm

Debemos usar un portafiltros de 100 o 150 en función de la óptica que vayamos a utilizar, el condicionante principal es el diámetro de la lente frontal. Hasta 82mm podemos utilizar un sistema de 100mm, a partir de ese diámetro inevitablemente deberemos usar un sistema mayor de 150mm.

Los números en ocasiones nos engañan de manera que un sistema de 150mm tiene una superficie de un 125% superior al de uno de 100mm. Por lo que el coste y las dimensiones tal como podemos apreciar son mucho mayores.

Coste, dimensiones, peso, son factores que van contra los sistemas de 150mm pero para muchos de los grandes angulares mas utilizados como el 14-24 de Nikon o 15-30 de Tamron.

Podremos usar el sistema de portafiltros del M15 en objetivos de hasta 67mm aunque en ese caso, el polarizador o el ND se comportaran igual, pero si solo utilizamos degradados el rango de transición sera mucho menor debido al diámetro. Por esa razón aunque sea un problema por coste y volumen para cada tipo de objetivo desvariamos disponer de un sistema portafiltros adecuado.

Comparación del polarizador Drop IN del M10 vs el polarizador magnético del M15

noviembre 23, 2020

Listado de lens Ring para el Haida M15

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Canon 14mm F2.8L II Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Canon TS-E 17mm F/4L Tilt-Shift Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Nikon 14-24mm 2.8G ED Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Nikon 14mm F2.8D ED Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Nikon PC 19mm F/4E ED Tilt-Shift Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Sony 12-24mm F4 G Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Sony FE 12-24mm F2.8 GM Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM Art Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG DN Art Lens for Sony E and Leica L

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Sigma 12-24mm F4.0 DG HSM Art Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Sigma 14mm F1.8 DG HSM Art Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Sigma 20mm F1.4 DG HSM Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC USD Lens ,Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens and Pentax-D FA 15-30mm F2.8 ED SDM WR Lense

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Tokina 16-28mm F2.8 PRO AT-X Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Olympus M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm F2.8 PRO Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Zeiss T*15mm F2.8 Lens

Haida M15 Adapter Ring for Fujifilm XF 8-16mm F2.8 R LM WR Lens

noviembre 19, 2020